The Walls We Build by Jules Hayes, ISBN: 9781916338005

IngramSpark PDF FAQ

For Print Production

Both Cover and Interior PDF files for upload should be set to: PDF/x-1a:2001

  1. If saving from a word processing program such as Word or Pages, files should be Saved As PDF/x-1a:2001
  2. If using Acrobat Pro 9, save the completed file as Postscript and process the Postscript file through Distiller set to PDF/x-1a:2001.
  3. If using Acrobat Pro DC, select Output or Save As PDF/x-1a:2001
  4. Once created, a PDF/x-1a:2001 document cannot be edited without repeating either Save As PDF/x-1a:2001 or, if using Acrobat Pro 9, repeating export as Postscript and Distilling.
  5. Note that RGB colors will convert to CMYK. Saturation, hue and tints will change when RGB is converted to CMYK.
    1.  Important: what you see on your computer/laptop/tablet screen are RGB colors. Even if you create your document in CMYK colors, you will not see CMYK as standard screens are RGB displays.
    2. Covers and interior images containing Black do not reproduce accurately. A work-around for solid black areas is to set the color to a very dark navy which will appear in print as near black.